Our Etsy Tool Kit Store!

Giving archaeology tool kits a unique, student friendly make over!

All Things AAFS

 After creating my own handy little tool kit for keeping my tools organised when I go on excavations – I decided to make a few more and see if others would like their own unique, hand crafted archaeology and anthropology tool kits which are the perfect companions for the 4-inch archaeology trowel!

Each tool kit is made with students in mind, using high quality tools but selling at affordable prices to fit a university budget!

Whether you’re specialising in anthropology, I have created a skeletal/delicate materials friendly kit which will give you accurate digging without posing a threat to your fragile remains, or if you’re into pure archaeology I have a small finds tool kit that has all the stainless steel tools that you need to unearth the past.


You can find all of our available unique archaeology and anthropology tool kits on our Etsy store, where we offer worldwide delivery!

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