About All Things AAFS!

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Hello and welcome to All Things AAFS!

If you’re interested in the world of archaeological, anthropological and forensic sciences (AAFS), then have a look around! All Things AAFS! discusses and dissects topics of contemporary sciences consisting of journals, published articles or even news that we have stumbled across and wish to expand on, and shares them with you!


We have a range of different post types, our general posts will keep you updated with news from archaeology and anthropology discoveries.

Our ‘Quick Tips’ posts breakdown topics of AAFS into bite-sized chunks, which are handy for students, or those new to the fascinating world of AAFS – we’re currently covering how to age and how to estimate the biological sex of skeletal remains, and also how to identify a variety of fracture types!  We’re also taking the time to answer the ‘Common Questions’ that get asked about these disciplines, as well as simplifying a multitude of archaeological techniques to make your learning easier.

We’ve also got our ‘Unusual-ology‘ posts which contain weird and interesting finds from the realm of AAFS! Did you know that lettuce used to be an ancient Egyptian aphrodisiac? If you didn’t, check this out!


Well, we hope you enjoy our insights into the AAFS world, and find them interesting enough to keep up to date by following us on Facebook and Twitter!

We also have our own Etsy store, where we sell unique,
anthropology tool kits and archaeology tool rolls worldwide.

All Things AAFS

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