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If you’re new to the realm of archaeological, anthropological and forensic sciences (AAFS), or are a student needing sturdy and reliable references, or wondering “what archaeology or anthropology textbooks to buy?”
On this page you can find links to a selection of the best textbooks – most of these have been suggested by university Professors and fellow peers.

On this page are a select few of the suggested AAFS textbooks with their ratings out of 5*,
to view the full complete reading list click:
here  for UK/Europe shipping, or here  for USA/Worldwide shipping.

If you prefer your textbooks on Kindle – a separate list is here.

Archaeology Essentials:

Anthropology Essentials:

  • The Human Bone Manual (UK/Europe)
    The Human Bone Manual (US/Worldwide Link)
    by Tim D. White and Pieter A. Folkens.  Rating: *****
    THIS IS A MUST HAVE – If you are studying anything to do with human remains and anthropology!!
    “I cannot stress how important this book is to have. It is the ‘go-to’ guide on anything relating to bones and skeletal remains. It’s illustrated as well, so if your course isn’t too hands on – you will still understand what the book is talking about. It’s a must for any budding anthropologist, and one of my favourite books to read. It’s really small and concise so its pretty much a ‘pocket book’.”
  • The Archaeology of Disease (UK/Europe)
    The Archaeology of Disease (US/Worldwide Link)
    by Charlotte Roberts and Keith Manchester. Rating: *****
    “This is a essential if you’re studying diseases or taphonomy. It is fully illustrated with amazing case studies to display all diseases – ranging from simple fractures to malnutrition and infections. Brilliant book, helped me a lot with my university Anthropology unit where I had to examine a bone and conclude which illness it had.”

Forensic Essentials:

  • Forensic Entomology: An Introduction (UK/Europe)
    Forensic Entomology: An Introduction (US/Worldwide Link)
    by Dorothy Gennard. Rating – ***
    “I used my this for my blog post on the basics of forensic entomology. It is perfect if you’re unsure on whether or not you want to pursue this career/discipline. Definitely a good read if your interest is sparked by Dr Hodgins from ‘Bones’, as it explained everything involved within entomology under legal settings.”

For fun AAFS related reading:

  • Archaeology for Dummies & Anthropology For Dummies (UK/Europe Links)
    Archaeology For Dummies & Anthropology For Dummies (US/Worldwide Links) 
    “Both of these are perfect for those who are very new to archaeology or anthropology and want something a lot more basic and easy to read rather than educational reference books that can be a bit heavy! They are also great gifts for teenagers who want to pursue this type of career!”


Due to a lot of people asking me where they can get student budget friendly archaeology/anthropology tools or what they should take on digs, I have compiled a list which you can view here (UK/Europe) or here (US/Worldwide)

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15 thoughts on “Useful Literature!

  1. Thanks for this page! The Human Bone Manual was a big help for me during my university days. I’ll look into getting the Archaeology of Disease book, as it seems really useful as my degree is currently studying diseases of bones!

  2. Wow – thanks for this page and for your view on the Human Bone Manual, I was debating getting it for my anthropology degree but now I bought it. Thanks for posting the US links too, means I don’t have to take ages searching for the books myself.
    – Mark

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