Textbook of the Week: Human Remains in Archaeology: A Handbook.

Every week we highlight one archaeology/anthropology textbook from our suggested readings, a full list of our suggested resources can be found here, on our Useful Literature page.


Human Remains in Archaeology: A Handbook (CBA Practical Handbook) (UK/Europe Link)

Human Remains in Archaeology: a Handbook (Cba Practical Handbook) (US/Worldwide Link)
by Charlotte Roberts. Rating: ****

“This book is great for students to grasp and understand the importance of human remains in archaeological contexts. The book has a whole section dedicated to the numerous methods that are used . It is also a book from the CBA Practical Handbook series, so it has section on the laws/legal information which is really useful for Medico-Legal!
This author also wrote The Archaeology of Disease (UK) The Archaeology of Disease (Worldwide), which I think is also an anthropology essential!”

If you’re a student – check out our ‘Quick Tips’ posts where we breakdown topics of AAFS into bite-sized chunks. We’re currently covering how to age and how to estimate the biological sexof skeletal remains, and also how to identify a variety of fracture types


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