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Hi there, I’m Rosemary Mayne, but everyone calls me Rosie – I solely run All Things AAFS!

I’m a 23 year old recent graduate from Bournemouth, where I obtained a 2:1 BSc (Hons) degree in Archaeological, Anthropological and Forensic sciences (AAFS) at Bournemouth University in 2013.

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Here I am in digging away in my midden pit on the Durotriges Big Dig ’12.


After finishing my degree I decided to create a way to share my AAFS knowledge with others who share a passion for uncovering the past. I especially enjoy writing my Quick Tips posts, which are used by fellow students to get to grips with an archaeological technique but in a student friendly way. My website also ensures that I stay up to date with all things AAFS and related to my degree.

My degree blossomed my love for learning about anything to do with these sciences, and this website allows me to be involved in these disciplines. 

I selected my units around specialising in anthropology – focusing on primate behavioural ecology and applied anthropology in my final year – as well as having choosing an anthropological topic for my dissertation.
So be warned… you may get an abundance of anthropology posts on my site, but I do dabble in palaeontology from time to time – as my environmental archaeology and palaeoecology unit lead to me developing an interest these subject areas.

You can learn more about my undergraduate studies, in particular my dissertation topic, by visiting the ‘About My  Dissertation‘ tab at the top.

To view my CV, follow this link; Rosemary Helen Mayne Website CV – Updated January 2016.
To learn more about my latest work experience and to see the process of digitalising the hand-drawn maps, click here for my placement report, or here for my condensed placement poster.


I’ve recently branched out into selling my own unique, hand crafted archaeology and anthropology tool kits which are the perfect companions for your 4inch archaeology trowel!

If you’re a student specialising in anthropology I have created a skeletal/delicate materials friendly kit which will give you accurate digging without posing a threat to your fragile remains, or if you’re into pure archaeology we have a small finds tool kit that has all the stainless steel tools that you need to unearth the past!

You can view all the tool kits and rolls on our Etsy store; All Things AAFS! on Etsy.

All Things AAFS


9 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Hello Rosie:
    How wonderful to meet you!
    Am thrilled to find this site, as you may guess by my plethora of likes!
    My education was Anthro, Cultural/Ethnography.
    Love what you have done here.

    • Hi!
      It’s really nice to hear that you’ll be popping back! Hopefully in the future there will be more blog posts that will entice and persuade you into studying for your Masters, as I’ve personally enjoyed delving into the topic!

  2. Hey! I just came across this blog while researching “aging methods” for my Biological Anthropology paper. I major in Anthropology/Archaeology at Otago University in New Zealand and absolutely love it. I am in my third year hoping to get into honours next year. I mainly love all the ancient stuff like Prehistoric Asia and Egypt, but for my career I would LOVE to work in a museum somewhere in England or Europe (with a few traveling perks of course!). I love meeting people who do archaeology because you know people do it because they love it, not for reasons like money or just to have a job. Will definitely be following your blog 🙂

  3. Hi Rosie,
    I want to study anatomy and advanced forensic anthropology at Dundee after my BSc in psychology 🙂 need to understand the skeletal system and how to examine it: your blog posts are really helpful. Keep em coming!

  4. Hi Rossie,
    I just wanna thank you for this website. I am studying anthropology (especially forensic ant.) and it’s enjoyable,basic and informative.
    I bookmarked your site, too. :))

  5. Hey Rosie,
    This is a fantastic website! Love the Quick Tips posts – absolutely ideal posts to learn about human osteology quickly. Keep up the fantastic work. Read your dissertation abstract, sounds great as well!

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