Quick Tips: Fracture Types – The Basics Pt 2.

In my previous Quick Tips, which you can find by clicking here, you were introduced to the first six basic types of fractures, what the main causes of fractures are, and the two main categories they are classed in. It is important that you know the information in the previous Quick Tips post before learning these last few basic fractures, as it discussed the fundamentals of fractures.

Basic Fracture Types:


Fracture Types: A) Butterfly, B) Longitudinal, C) Segmented, D) Hairline, and E) Avulsion.

A) Butterfly Fracture: Butterfly fractures usually affect long bones and can be caused by car accidents or by being knocked side on.

B) Longitudinal Fracture: As a transverse fracture is a bone along the horizontal axis, a longitudinal fracture is along the vertical axis.

C) Segmented Fracture: This is when the bone has fractures in two parts of the same bone causing the bone to break into larger bone fragments which are separated from the main body of a fractured bone.

D) Hairline Fracture: These fractures are also known as ‘stress fractures’. These types of fractures are very difficult to diagnose and once they heal there may be no evidence left to see. These are very difficult, if not impossible to identify when in an archaeological context.

E) Avulsion Fracture: Avulsion fractures are characterised as the separation of a small fragment of bone at the site of attachment of a ligament or tendon.

The next Quick Tips post will discuss the ‘named fractures’ that can be discovered in archaeological contexts, such as the familiar Bennett’s and Parry’s fracture, and their origins and common causes.

This post was put together by using knowledge from my degree and supplemented with the textbook ‘The Archaeology of Disease’ by Charlotte Roberts & Keith Manchester. If you’re interested in the latest scientific and archaeological techniques used to understand the diseases of past populations, you should check it out!

This is the second post of a set on fractures, so keep your eyes open for the other posts. To view other Quick Tips posts click here!


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